Going Beyond the Hero’s Journey, Auden and Wallace

Civilization and its Discontents

Beyond the Hero's Journey

Auden’s poem links to a remembrance of David Foster Wallace in the Times Literary Supplement and his efforts, particularly in The Pale King, to ‘become the whole of boredom’. I debated briefly whether to file this under ‘Apotheosis’ rather than ‘Civilization and its Discontents’, but I think DFW’s position is more American Existentialist (in that rare karass of touring horn players and mid-century Science Fiction writers), than American Transcendentalist. But there is a relationship, and it will be up to the reader to decide whether, lapsed in the dead sea(son)s of boredom one needs only

“Ride these out, and it’s like stepping from black and white into color. Like water after days in the desert. Constant bliss in every atom.”



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