The Ethical Arts


Propaganda isn’t limited to politics alone, it’s personal – it’s always personal. And here the effect isn’t just on young women, but on girls, mothers, businesswomen, wives, working women, sisters, grandmothers and all the men, children and families who want to love them the way they are. We call it racism, or worse, when children are taught to hate another race or culture. What do you call it when girls are taught to hate themselves?

Propaganda drives wedges between all of us and when it’s married to the most extreme ideologies the wedges are internalized.

Just as we have varieties of re•con•cil•i•a•tion – with the unknown, with nature, with love; so we have varieties of prop•a•gan•da – for the bureaucratic or the muscular; against the nuanced, the feminine and the individual.

You can help protect young women here.


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