Structures and Scaffolding

Know Your Tools

There are only nine…

Structure and Scaffolding


2 thoughts on “Structures and Scaffolding

  1. Pistols at dawn – I needed something to represent the color purple.

    Besides, hang on… I haven’t cracked a grammar in ages, but would you consider the word ‘my’ in the phrase ‘my balls’ to be an adjective or a pronoun? My intuition suggests that the distinction between ‘my balls’ and ‘your balls’ is more analogous to ‘a ball’ and ‘the ball’ than to ‘red balls’ and ‘blue balls’, depending on how your day’s been – (‘your balls’ and ‘blue balls’ may have more in common than I know, I certainly hope not). In any case, some languages dispense with articles while retaining other descriptive adjectives so there does seem to be a logic for the extra category, no? Please advise. And who or what is your source?

    (And really, bless you John for starting a thread on my blog!)

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