Patterns and Palettes

Pay Attention to Palettes of all kinds – not only for what they include and how they make their inclusions absolutely necessary but for everything else you can dispense with once your palette is settled.


Get used to the idea of palettes, recipes, color wheels (and gamuts within them), perfumes, keys and scales. Remember that the dominant pop scale in Western music contains ONLY FIVE NOTES.

As time passes, look for analogies and allegories to various sensory palettes in character, chronology and plot – they’re there: a bit of cumin, the color brown, a diminished third – what do they suggest? You’ll find that surprising depths can evolve when your sensory palettes are controlled and contained.

(The ingredients for a tomato chutney: kari leaves, chili powder, oil, black mustard seeds, dry red chilies, chick pea lentils, white lentils, salt, asafoetida powder, lemon juice, turmeric, tamarind paste, tomato purée, fresh coriander leaves.)

A bow to Ajoy Joshi.


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